Coolest Restaurants In Nyc 2013

Coolest Restaurants In Nyc 2013

Coolest Restaurants In Nyc 2013


Coolest Restaurants In Nyc 2013

1. Brooklyn’s Ascension Is Official.

Coolest Restaurants In Nyc 2013Not so long ago, Carlo Mirarchi’s improvised, elaborately inventive tasting menu was a local secret among assorted roustabouts and neighborhood gourmets who frequented a semi-anonymous pizza hall out in Bushwick called Roberta’s. But these days, Roberta’s is an international dining destination, and it’s harder to get a reservation at the restaurant’s new twelve-seat tasting atelier, Blanca, than it is to secure a table at one of the old-line Manhattan dining palaces like Daniel or Per Se. When I dropped in for dinner not long ago, the pleasant little room—in a converted garage in the Roberta’s compound—was filled with eager gourmands who’d flown in for their 27-course dinner from far-off destinations like Montreal, Vienna, and L.A. Mirarchi has long had an underground reputation as a pasta wizard, but pay special attention to his meat dishes, in particular the crunchy, honey-colored slices of roasted duck and the country lamb, which the chefs cut in thin, melting ribbons, and garnish with spoonfuls of gêlée, flavored, in the new haute Brooklyn style, with mint from the communal garden outside.

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