Jay Z Vodka Armadale Liquor

Jay Z Vodka Armadale Liquor


Jay Z Vodka Armadale Liquor


Jay Z Vodka Armadale Liquor

Jay Z Vodka Armadale Liquorarmandale vodka is a superpremium vodka from Scotland and is made for all the thirsty fans who watch hip hop music videos. The triple-distilled imported vodka retails for about the same as superpremium vodkas such as Grey Goose and Belvedere. Roc-a-fella Records purchased the U.S. rights to Armadale Vodka in spring from William Grant & Sons, a Scottish distiller, and formed a co-venture with the company. The bottle is clear, with a black banner that wraps horizontally around it, and a small, simple red-plaid Scottish tartan design.

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